Big Thank-You

Jun 14, 2017
Courtesy of: Teresa Hagan This balloon, seemingly originating in the Princeton area, was recently picked up on the North Beach beach.

To the Editor:

Congratulations and a big thank-you to Mayor Joseph Mancini and Commissioners Joseph Lattanzi and Ralph Bayard for making Long Beach Township the first municipality on the Island to ban balloon releases. My hope is that the other five towns will soon follow.

Toward that end, I’ve ordered another 1,000 pamphlets focused on LBI that highlight the hazards balloons pose to our unique environment and marine life. I’ll distribute them at events and official meetings again this summer. If you see me, please stop by and take a few.

My goal is that by September LBI will be the first island and the largest area in the U.S. to abolish this dangerous and dirty practice. But, as monumental as this would be, we still have a long way to go. The balloon pictured here, from Princeton, washed ashore in North Beach last week. It’s not unusual to find floating trash from faraway cities and states.

Thankfully, New Jersey state Sen. Jim Whelan has introduced a bill (S-3177) to extend the balloon-release ban statewide. If you support our efforts to clean up our beaches and protect our wildlife, please phone 609-383-1388 or email Sen. Whelan by clicking on “Find Your Legislator” at njleg.state.nj.us

Thank you so much for your support!

Teresa Hagan

North Beach

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