Let the Invasion Begin

By WENDY McCLURE | May 16, 2018

It’s that time of year – the time that we locals both love and loathe. After a very long winter and what always feels like a months-long hibernation, people are venturing out of the house and seasonal businesses are opening their doors.

I see my neighbors cleaning up their yards and doing spring maintenance. We recently had work done to repair our porch, painted the deck and dock and have a load of stones on the way to even out the yard (where do they go?). Planting is taking place and our gardens are starting to come alive. I see flower baskets popping up along porches and front decks.  What a beautiful sight to see!

With the warm weather we need to brace for the onslaught of tourists that are about to come and take advantage of the wonderful way of life on Long Beach Island. Personally, I welcome tourist season. There is so much more to do, so many more restaurants and shops to choose from and many sun-filled days spent on the beach or boat to look forward to. It has only just begun!

Tourist season certainly does bring more traffic and the headaches associated with it –  longer times to get where you’re going. But isn’t it worth it to have access to the bevy of places that swing open their doors once the warm weather brings the crowds and all the money they want to spend here? I think so. 

I try to stay off the road on Saturdays. If we want to head to the Island from our Beach Haven West home, we either hit the road before 9 a.m. or wait until after 4 p.m. It’s a small price to pay for going to some of our favorite places that are open only for a limited time every year.

Just in the past few weeks we have seen the season opening of the Chegg and other places as well as the reopening of the Gateway. My husband and I raced to Skipper Dipper on opening weekend to get a soft serve with those amazing “anniversary sprinkles.”

Yes, there will be people who will disrespect the area and make a lot of noise. Many are on vacation and have no regard for the people who live here full-time and must get up for work in the morning. But that can happen anywhere. Isn’t it better to shoulder the downsides with the abundance of upsides we have here? I certainly think so.

Let’s try to focus on the positives island living has to offer rather than the negative. Don’t let other people interfere with our very high standard of living, here in the midst of one of Earth’s greatest beauties.

Wendy McClure of Beach Haven West is the morning show co-host at 107.1 The Boss, heard on 99.7 in Southern Ocean County.

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