Tiresome Refrain

May 16, 2018

To the Editor:

Our mayor has often referred to election time as the silly season. Well, it must be since he has once again kicked off the season with silliness more befitting a clown car than a primary election.

In a recent article (“Primary Ballot Could Impact Stafford’s Fate,” 5/9), the mayor stated, “There are those who are running that would destroy that quality of life under the banner of Conservatism.” He goes on to claim basic functions of local government such as road paving and snow removal as noteworthy triumphs of his administration that would somehow disappear in his absence. 

While it is laughable to suggest that self-identified conservatives would seek to destroy quality of life rather than improve it, one would be remiss to point out that the mayor and his team identified themselves as the “commonsense conservative team” in a full-page ad that ran in the Stafford Leader. His claim is drenched with irony.  

Is the mayor suggesting that he and his team would destroy the quality of life as they are running under a banner of Conservatism or is he really showing us that consistency and forthrightness are not among his attributes? 

The mayor also made similar comments regarding the intentions of a group that we ran with in 2015 under the moniker “Commonsense Conservatives.” If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, color us unimpressed. This is little more than an unabashed attempt to have it both ways and hope people won’t notice.

Unfortunately, this is an election year tradition that Stafford residents are all too familiar with. The mayor’s comments were baseless and inflammatory then and they are just as wrong today. This refrain has grown tiresome and we can finally put an end to this triennial song and dance with a vote by Stafford residents for Column A on June 5.

Greg Myhre and Tom Steadman

Stafford Township


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