Water Rescues Reported in Harvey Cedars

Jun 27, 2018

The Harvey Cedars Beach Patrol reported multiple water rescues on Sunday due to rip currents and a current pulling to the south. Beach Patrol Captain Randy Townsend said three of the rescues occurred on the beach at 86th Street, while two others were reported on Atlantic Avenue.

“The swimmers checked out all right,” said Townsend. “They didn’t require medical attention.”

He said on the prior weekend there was one rescue reported, on the beach at Bergen Avenue. 

“The water may appear calm, but the ocean is unpredictable,” said Townsend. “Swimmers always have to use caution when entering the water.”

He said people should swim when the lifeguards are on duty each day 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. “We strongly advise people not to go in the water after the guards have left.”

With hot temperatures predicted for this weekend, Townsend expects the beaches to be packed.

“The crowds have been pretty big so far since the lifeguard patrols began two weekends ago,” he said. “We just hope that swimmers pay attention to the lifeguards and that they are aware of the ocean conditions.” —E.E. 

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