Magical LBI

Jul 25, 2018

To the Editor:

This past Sunday as I sat along the bayside dock at Bay Village in Beach Haven I was surrounded by nothing but vacationing families, good vibes and a group of four boys tossing around a football.

Then one of the boys tossed the football over the head of one of his friends right into the bay. The football was taken out very quickly by the current and wind right into the channel. The boys frantically began trying to wave down the boats as they passed by to retrieve their football. After several boats passed by, suddenly one boat stopped, turned around and began following the football.

One of the boat’s occupants then dove in and began swimming after the football. He finally got it and returned to the boat with football in hand. The captain then rode all the way into the marina and tossed the football to one of the boys, who were anxiously waiting on the dock.

This is just one example of magical LBI, where the majority of everyone here is all about honesty and doing the right thing.

Diane Stulga

Beach Haven West


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