No Record to Run On

Oct 10, 2018

To the Editor:

I find it shocking the junk Tom MacArthur is sending in the mail and his TV ads concerning Andy Kim. It is garbage and an effort to incite racism and division. This attempt just shows that he is a failure as a representative and human being. It is obvious that he has no record to run on and must attempt to rake his opponent with untruths to get votes.

Why doesn’t he tell us what he has done for his constituents? The only reason he doesn’t is because he has done nothing positive for the 3rd District. He is the main architect who tried to kill the Affordable Care Act and he is the only congressman in New Jersey who voted for the tax act which costs the residents of New Jersey. He won’t hold town meetings because he knows that the citizens don’t like what he has done to New Jersey. Some accomplishments!

Looking for accomplishments, look to the party of Andy Kim. The Democrats are responsible for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act, civil rights, clean air and clean water laws, voting rights, minimum wage laws, labor union recognition and protection, aid to dependent children, FDIC insurance that protects your bank deposits, fair housing laws, equal credit protection laws, Head Start, etc. All this legislation improves our lives, but was opposed by Republicans like Tom MacArthur.

What has Tom MacArthur and his party done for you? They passed a tax act that strongly favors the rich and weakened the Affordable Care Act. What an impressive record!

To my fellow seniors, can you imagine where you would be without Social Security and Medicare, yet the enactment of those laws was opposed by Republicans like Tom MacArthur. Even today they constantly complain that the country cannot afford them, yet we can afford to give tax breaks to the rich. How is that helping people of the 3rd District?

I don’t know how anyone can vote for this man.

Peter Hender



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