Mystic Shores Celebrates Their Most Senior Residents

Nov 14, 2018
Photo by: supplied Residents ages 90 and over were feted at a birthday party on Nov. 4 at the Mystic Shores community center in Little Egg Harbor.

When Ken and Marion Brower found that there were 52 age 90-plus residents in their Mystic Shores Senior Community in Little Egg Harbor Township, they decided it was time to have a party. The couple is in charge of the seven-member Social Activity Committee.

They sent out invitations and waited for the RSVPs. “They’d call on the phone, ‘Can you speak up, dearie?’ It was cute, so I had my wife talk to them,” said Brower.

Just 19 of the oldest residents came to the party on Nov. 4, but boy, did they have friends and well-wishers. Over 80 people were in attendance, he said.

“One woman asked if she could invite her ‘significant other,’ and of course she could. Another asked if her great-grandson could come; he was 5 years old. Well, we’re a senior community, so I checked with the board, but of course he could come.

“We had two cakes and coffee and tea and two hours of kibitzing – it was fun.”

To get the party started, the birthday celebrities were asked to fill out a card with just a few notes about themselves. “Our oldest resident, at 96, wrote that she had met her husband in 1942 and they were married in ’47 – just basic things.

“We didn’t want to get a group picture because some had wheelchairs and walkers, and we wanted them to relax and have fun.”

Brower said the previous committee had held a combined 90-plus-birthday party about four years ago. Now, the committee may hold it every other year.

The social committee includes his wife, who does the paperwork, and two “artistic” types who love to decorate. Ken is the MC.

“We do spaghetti dinners and a New Year’s Eve party every year. But it’s hard to get people out. Hey, maybe if we invite the 90-year-olds to New Year’s, we’ll get 80 people to turn out!”

Ken and Marion moved to Mystic Shores after Superstorm Sandy wiped out their house in Tuckerton Beach. They lived on Parker Road, the worst hit area. “Nine homes were washed away, and one of them was ours. We lost everything.

“It was challenging, but our story is one of the better ones. We bought here nine months later, and we are very happy here. We have nice neighbors.”

— Pat Johnson

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