Stop Pointing

Nov 21, 2018

To the Editor:

It’s his fault or it’s her fault, or it’s the president’s fault. Or it’s the governor’s fault that he didn’t prepare for the nor’easterner. Why must we point the finger? It’s the press or it’s Congress, or it’s the Democrats or Republicans. What good is it to point the finger and blame someone? It has certainly divided Americans.

Let’s be more proactive and start doing things like fixing the bridges and roads.

Does investigating the president even more than Mr. Mueller really make a difference?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could fix the healthcare system or have a real answer for our veterans getting medical treatment without waiting months for an appointment?

The midterm elections have already revealed that Congress is not going to do anything but investigate. How about dropping the two-party system and elect a person without a party? We will still be a republic with representation.

Jim Doherty



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