Shining Sand

Nov 28, 2018
Editor’s Note: The following is written by a 10-year-old who lives in Denmark for a school poetry project. The author’s family has a long family history in Harvey Cedars, and she has a strong connection to “the beach,” according to father, Michael Sullivan.

As we approach the seaside the aroma of the ocean comes out to greet us.

As we walk closer we can see the unique shells that were left behind by kids who wanted to take them home earlier.

We move to the side when the ice cream truck comes dinging by gleefully.


As we hit the end of the road to the beach we see row upon row of giant houses.

We start making our climb up the hill and we pass free flowing and self planted grass.

When we happily make it over the hill and slide down the sand

We see the tall, red beach guard stand, standing tall and brave even though the breeze is hitting her smack on the face.

As the bottom of the hill comes into view my feet get caught in a pile of decrepit driftwood.


The sand fluffy and light like sponge cake spreads gently around my feet.

I stumble across a weathered and crumbly sand castle.


The waves come rushing out to greet our feet because they are ready to play again.

I wade slowly into the shimmering sea and I see delighted dolphins spring across the glittering surface of the sea.

I shout for the rest of the crowd to come and see the beautiful sight.

The sunset sprinkles colors across the sky.


When we look up in the sky I can see the soft and frothy clouds

And as we see beyond we notice the loud and buzzing mainland.

Else Sullivan

Billund, Denmark

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