A New Hot Spot for Home Enhancement Gifts Is Treasure Trove

Sep 09, 2016
Photo by: Ryan Morrill

You don’t always need to embark on a major project to improve the appearance of your home, such as putting in a new floor, walls or a deck. Sometimes it’s a subtle touch that gets the job done, with one or two decorative items. And that’s the specialty of one of Barnegat Township’s newest businesses, Treasure Trove, at 266 South Main St. (Route 9), where a wide variety handmade gifts awaits customers.

Owner Wendy Wenal said Treasure Trove’s inventory carries three main themes: nautical, country and Americana.

“We’re a gift shop that’s got a little bit of everything, that caters to various tastes,” she said.

Her offerings in the 550-square-foot shop include scented candles, candle holders, lanterns, lamps, rugs, garlands, dried flowers, fish and mermaid carvings, and prints as well as small furniture items such as tables, benches and chairs.

“One item that I find very special are boxes where people can keep jewelry and keepsakes,” said Wenal.

She also prides herself on the fish and mermaid carvings because “they are not easy to make.”

“They would go great hanging on a wall,” she said. “They are very beautifully crafted.”

And while Wenal is the owner, she said Treasure Trove is a family operation, as it involves her parents, Susan and Gary Wenal, and her fiancé, Rick Deyo.

“I’m an electrician, so I made our custom lamps,” Deyo said. “I think people will find a lot of unique gift items.”

Although the business opened last fall, it did not start making an impact in the community until this summer, said Wendy Wenal.

“At first, we were open weekends,” she said. “But now we’re open five days a week.”

Deyo said the family is well-known in the area, as he and Wenal are 1984 and 1986 graduates of Southern Regional High School, respectively.

“I live in Barnegat, and Wendy lives in Manahawkin,” said Deyo. “I think the more people know about us, we’re going to do well. We’re very excited about this business.”

Wenal added, “A gift shop was something that my family and I had been talking about doing for a number of years. This building had been vacant for a number of years, so we thought it was time to take advantage of this opportunity.”

Susan Wenal said many of the items displayed are things “you won’t find anywhere else.”

“My husband’s carvings are unique,” she said. “We just got a whale carved from walnut. He puts his heart into it. So much of what we have is hand-made. This is the place to go if you want to find specialty items to make your home look beautiful.”   

Deyo said the store is looking forward to Pirates Day in Barnegat on Saturday, Sept. 10.

“A lot of the special events and activities will be right down the road from us,” he said. “We’re looking at having some special sales. It will be a day when so many people will be coming into Barnegat, so hopefully some will stop here.” 

Wenal said that as the fall season progresses, Treasure Trove will be offering varieties of centerpieces.

“They can go on the table for Thanksgiving dinner,” she said.

Wenal said she is also looking forward to the holiday shopping season.

“We were in business for the holidays last year, but we weren’t open much because there was still a lot of work to do at the store,” she said. “My father has hand-carved some old-time sleds, which will make a nice holiday decoration in front of the house.” 

Hours are Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The store is closed Thursday and Friday.

For more information, call Treasure Trove at 609-756-5565. 

— Eric Englund

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