Abbott’s Wood Enterprises: Affordable Quality, Great Variety in Cedar Run

Sep 09, 2016
Photo by: Jack Reynolds

Herschel Abbott Jr. knows wood. And he should. After all, from a young age he began working in his parent’s cedar sawmill business, which Herschel Sr. and Eldora Abbott owned for more than 30 years, and young Herschel started his own firewood business, Abbott’s Firewood, at age 16.

Ultimately, Herschel Jr. turned his love of wood and building things into a larger endeavor, starting up Abbott’s Wood Enterprises in 1986. And, at first, he and his dad built small products such as lawn furniture and picnic tables.

But the family business – which has included wife, Linda, and their three daughters, Jenny, Kristie and Lori – grew rapidly. Before long, in 1998 Abbott’s Wood Enterprises became an incorporated business. He developed a 3½-acre spot on Route 9 in the Cedar Run section of Stafford Township for what eventually became an open showroom of sorts.

Now, some 18 years after incorporating, Abbott’s has more than 25 different products available, with more than 300 shed options from which to choose.

“We make a lot of customers happy,” Abbott said. “We’re supplying the public with quality furniture and sheds for a reasonable price. And if it’s not quality, we don’t sell it.”

To be clear, Abbott no longer builds what he sells. He has a team of quality craftsmen – a list of names he keeps to himself like a master poker player handles his cards – which provides the beautiful, durable pieces he retails. But if you’re looking for great workmanship with an affordable price tag attached, Abbott’s might be the right fit.

“We’re not just working out of some surplus store somewhere,” Abbott said. “We’re a family business, where all the kids grew up working. We have a good reputation and we’ve done this for many years. Our customers get quality pieces that are going to last a long time, and they can feel good knowing it came from a local mom-and-pop business.”

From sheds to gazebos, and lawn furniture to picnic tables, Abbott’s runs the gamut, even offering decorative pieces such as yard lighthouses, pond bridges, birdhouses, wishing wells, planter benches, solar lamp posts, windmills and whirly birds. Abbott’s also has practical accessories such as garbage can racks and roll-up walkways.

Still, the mainstays of the Abbott’s product line are the sheds and furniture. Abbott’s has sheds made of wood and vinyl siding and of various sizes, including “even” sizes from 4x6 to 14x48 feet. Custom sizes also can be arranged.

With the furniture, customers can select from chairs, benches, gliders, loungers and tables, either in highly durable wood or poly-plastic, of multiple sizes. All the poly-plastic furniture comes in a plethora of color options. And the tables ... well, take your pick from standard picnic tables to octagonal, round or rectangular sets, also in wood or poly-plastic and in a wide array of colors.

Abbott said many customers like the durability and low-maintenance option of the poly-plastic furniture, which is made from a high-grade, recycled plastic material.

“It’s more maintenance friendly and easier to clean,” he said. “It’s heavy and durable, and can be used anywhere. It’s not cheap, lightweight stuff, that’s for sure. And it looks very nice.”

The gazebo lineup at Abbott’s also is stunning. It includes wood and vinyl rectangles, ovals and octagons of varying designs and sizes, along with pergolas, pavilions and cabanas. All wooden gazebos are made from Southern yellow pine.

“We don’t have to negotiate on prices because we already have low prices to start with,” Abbott said. “We already know what the other guys in the area are getting for what they’re selling, which looks similar but it isn’t the same as what we offer. Everything we have here is of the best quality, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Abbott’s Wood Enterprises is located at 239 Route 9. Find them online at abbottswoodnj.com, and facebook.com/AbbottsWoodNJ.

Abbott’s is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Phone is 609-597-5394.


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