Above and Beyond

May 17, 2017

To the Editor:

First, let me say I have been volunteering for Kim Brown’s Kimmy’s Safe Haven Rescue for a while now. I have never met someone with such big heart and beautiful soul. She and the volunteers go above and beyond for the animals in Little Egg Harbor. It makes me sick to my stomach that someone would say such mean things about us (the volunteers) and her rescue.

Recruiting? Who’s recruiting? People who want to volunteer offer to. When they ask Kim if they can volunteer she offers them to come to the sanctuary to see what they would like to do, such as help clean, hang out with the animals, take them for walks or just show them love.

We aren’t kind human beings? Never once have I heard Kim Brown or any of the volunteers say anything disrespectful or rude to anyone. Everyone who volunteers for her rescue has such big hearts and is so friendly and loving to both the animals and people who walk up to us at adoption events and such. So how dare Tony Cortese say, “They are not kind human beings”?

Come do TNR (trap-neuter-return) with us for a week. Come see the cats we trap that are sick and have FIV (feline AIDS). Come look into their eyes as we do and see what we see. Look into their eyes and see them look at you with such sadness. It eats you up inside and will break your heart. 

Take care of a feral kitten with no mommy and clean it, feed it and just give it love. And find out the next day it didn’t make it and passed away. 

Come over every day and tell Storm (a 6-year-old pit bull up for adoption) that she’ll find a home and someone will love her, but until then we will. She’ll look at you with eyes that say, “Why doesn’t anyone want me?”

The whole letter Tony Cortese wrote is crap. 

Oh, one more thing: “Cult”? No. Family. 

Patricia Ann Logue

Jenkins, N.J.



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