Accessing the Consciousness Through ‘Bars’ on the Beach

Jul 19, 2017

For centuries, perhaps millennia, different cultures around the globe have flocked to the sun-kissed sands and barreling surf of the world’s coastlines in search of the ocean’s historic healing properties. Whether it is simply living by the ocean that positively correlates to a healthier life, according to a University of Exeter study, or more-primitive treatments such as drinking ocean water mixed with various elixirs, there is no debating that something about the shore can turn a bad day around and make a good day just a little bit better.

On July 23 to 26, a different shoreline healing remedy will pop up on Long Beach Island with Elizabeth Sanford’s Access Consciousness Bars on the beach.

What in the world are they? Access Bars refer to a process in which a practitioner lightly touches 32 points on the head in order to dissipate an electromagnetic charge that is locked in the brain by thoughts, feelings and emotions acquired over a lifetime. It is claimed touching the points flows energy into different areas of the brain, dispelling negative energy and any deficiencies felt in a certain area of life.

The 32 Access Bar points all represent a different area of life, such as money, healing, hopes, dreams, creativity, sexuality, relationships and many more of the most important aspects of a healthy life. The Access Bars website sums up the experience as “pressing a button that mutes that voice in your head telling you you’re not good enough or that you can’t accomplish what you dream about” with that “voice” being the electromagnetic charges that cloud the ability to live life to the fullest.

What began six years ago as an interest in self-improvement has become a lifestyle for Sanford. After listening to a podcast, she decided to have her bars run and was blown away by the results, so she enlisted her husband to ensure what she felt was legitimate.

 “After the first time I did it, I was surprised at how good I felt. So, my husband and I decided to get our bars run in New York City so we could compare notes,” she said. “Thank God we were taking Port Authority (transportation) home because we felt pretty spacey.”

After agreeing on how well they felt and seeing everyday improvements in their lives, they both decided to take a class so they would be able to run bars sessions on one another. They continued running each other’s bars each week and continued seeing improvements in all aspects of their lives.

Eventually, Sanford became so committed to the process that she decided to become a facilitator and has traveled all over the world to provide healing in the form of bars sessions.

She said she has seen and experienced the incredible power of bars sessions firsthand, ranging from healing given to people with attention deficit disorder and depression to helping others just relax and take immeasurable stress off their shoulders.

“I’ve had people talk about their past, cry, laugh uncontrollably, but most fall asleep due to how relaxed they are,” she said. “I would never put something out there that I haven’t experienced myself.”

Growing up in Montclair and spending her summers in Brant Beach, Sanford said Long Beach Island has always been a part of her life. Now, she is bringing her Access Bar healing sessions to the Island by appointment from July 23 to 26 for $100 per session. She is excited to share this therapy on the beaches where she grew up.

“This isn’t a fortune telling; it’s not about me,” she emphasized. “It’s truly about living a better life and answering those glass-half-full questions like ‘what’s right about this situation that I’m not getting?’”

For an appointment, call Sanford at 802-825-6377.

— Zach Hoffman

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