Accident in the Making

Aug 01, 2018

To the Editor:

My wife and I just visited the recently completed Barnegat Bay observation and fishing pier addition at the end of Green Street in Tuckerton. The facility is beautiful, spot clean with toilet facilities, children’s play equipment and lined parking. But I had to write this before something awful happens.

A drowning will occur if that facility is not closed until something is done to eliminate the danger. How the planners did not identify the danger in the planning stage is beyond understanding.

The bulkheads were completed with a flat walkway, approximately 18 to 24 inches wide, covering the tops of the buttresses. Its height is convenient for young children to climb onto and literally play there. If a child or grown adult were to inadvertently fall, they would be in the water.

My wife and I watched a woman with two children crabbing from the facility. The kids were about 4 and 5 years old. Both were on the walkway and not together. We don’t know the depth of the water at the base of the bulkhead or the tide height.

Barriers must be erected to limit anyone walking on top of the bulkheads. The design should permit crabbing and fishing but no walking on top. We cannot wait. Tuckerton must act immediately. What will happen when this becomes a drunken diving platform?

Another comment about the fishing pier: The paint finish on the handrails at the end of the pier is beautiful. But it is the only surface available to cut bait. Imagine what they will look like in December. This is poor planning.

Ralph Walter

Little Egg Harbor

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