Additional Seating Approved for Polly’s Dock

Jun 06, 2018

At its meeting Monday, June 4, the Beach Haven Land Use Board unanimously approved a plan to increase seating from 20 to 42 at Polly’s Dock, located at 112 North West Ave.

Co-owner Margaret Damiani said the extra seating will be provided by several new picnic style tables in an outdoor area overlooking the bay. Damiani said the kitchen staff will be increased from two to four.

“There was no need for a site plan since nothing is changing in the size or shape of the building,” said attorney Harold Hensel. “And the outdoor seating area really isn’t like being in a restaurant; it’s more like a kitchen service area.”

Damiani said she and co-owner John Mangino took over Polly’s in 2007, which at that time featured boat rentals, a tackle shop and a souvenir shop.

“But many of our customers thought that we should include some kind of food service, something more on the casual side,” said Damiani. “It’s a nice place to sit down and eat because we have a beautiful view of the bay and great sunsets.”

Their breakfast menu features eggs, corned beef hash, home fries and various sandwiches. For lunch or dinner, Polly’s has Angus beef burgers along with crab cakes, oysters, shrimp, steam pots to-go, and raw bar items.

Damiani said the new accommodations should be ready in time for July.

“We’re really excited about this coming summer,” she said. “This could be our best yet.”

During public comment, William Burris, a partner in two neighboring properties  – Parker’s Garage and Oyster Saloon and the Black Whale Condominiums – said Polly’s Dock needed to fix its bulkhead and other areas that have been breached.

“It’s been an ongoing problem for two years,” he said. “However, I have no problem with the application for additional seating. I think they’re doing a great job.”

Hensel said Burris’ comments were not relevant related to the seating matter.

“They have sought CAFRA (Coastal Area Facilities Review Act) permits to do work on the bulkhead,” he said. “They are working at resolving this.”

— Eric Englund

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