Administration Nixes March 14 School Walkout at Pinelands Regional

Mar 07, 2018

Don’t expect the students at Pinelands Regional High and Junior High to join students throughout the country on National School Walkout Day on Wednesday, March 14. The Pinelands administration is intent on taking the walkout out of Walkout Day.

The National Walkout Day movement started almost immediately in the wake of the killing of 17 students, teachers and staff members at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., on Valentine’s Day. Students – and teachers and administrators – at the Southern Regional School District beat the movement to the punch, conducting a 17-minute walkout – a minute for each Marjory Stoneman Douglas victim – on Feb. 21.

Some students at Pinelands are keen to join the walkout movement. But after meeting with a representative of the Little Egg Harbor Police Department, Pinelands Acting Superintendent of Schools Cheryl Stevenson put the kibosh on the idea, citing safety concerns.

Stevenson, in response to an audience question at Monday evening’s Pinelands Regional Board of Education working session meeting, said there would be no walkout at her schools. Instead, she said, another way would be found to honor the Parkland victims, with politics left out of the picture.

National School Walkout Day has become a subject of debate throughout the country, with some school administrations supporting the idea while many others are threatening students with suspensions should they leave their schools. —R.M.

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Posted by: Richard McDonald | Mar 09, 2018 16:07

So sad. This lack of wisdom being displayed again by a leadership that can't bear the thought of a 20-minute student walkout in an action of united national support has this 'non-problem' under full control for next year. Quite simply, there isn't going to be a high school to walk out of, period. Just more of the same old. Taxes going up, services going down.

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