Adult Education: Jewish Literacy

Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit
333 North Main St., Manahawkin, NJ

An intro to Judaism Class for those who want to add to their Jewish knowledge, for those who want to understand basic Jewish ideas, and for those interested in conversion to Judaism.

Led by Rabbi Josh Goldstein of Congregation Sha’arey Ha-Yam

Text: “Jewish Literacy” by Joseph Telushkin

2017 Programs

Nov. 7: The Mishnah and Talmud: Post Biblical Judaism

Nov. 21: Late Medieval Period: Kabbalah, False Messiahs and Chasidism

Dec. 5: Modern Period: Emancipation, Shtetl and Pogroms

Dec. 19: Zionism and Israel

2018 Programs

Jan. 23: The Holocaust

Feb. 6: Jewish Texts: Bible, Haggadah and Siddur

Feb. 20: Jewish Ethics and Basic Beliefs

March 6: Jewish Holidays

March 20: Life Cycle: From Cradle to Grave

April 3: Synagogue and Prayers