Airing School Concerns

Feb 08, 2017

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to “Disheartening Response” (1/25). First, I would like to commend the Little Egg Harbor school superintendent for doing her job and having an open door policy.

I would like to state that my purpose for writing my letter “Grading Report Cards” (1/18) was to reach other parents, not to dishearten the superintendent. She does state in her letter that she has fielded numerous questions and concerns about the report cards through other means of communication, so there are many parents, not just the ones who attended the meeting, who have issues. I do not think she would have even called a special meeting if this were not the case.

Also, writing to the newspaper, I feel, will keep this matter from being put on a “back burner” or forgotten about altogether. I did attend this meeting, so I did express my concerns directly to her.

On another occasion, I did request a meeting with her regarding the bus situation. After speaking with the principal, I was told to contact the superintendent’s secretary and make an appointment. I stopped at her office and was buzzed in by a woman who said she was the superintendent’s administrative assistant, not her secretary. I left my name and phone number.

After a week had gone by, I stopped by again, to inquire why no response. She asked me for my name and phone number again. I said I already had left it, and she curtly asked me for it again. This time the administrative secretary called back and made an appointment for me.

There are always problems on the buses. After a few incidents, I decided to join the ranks of parents driving their child into school. When I started doing this I noticed an uncanny number of parents doing the same thing. When I brought this to the superintendent’s attention I was told maybe it was the before/aftercare children I saw being driven to school by their parents. No, I am talking about regular school times.

Then I was told that some students are dropped off by grandparents or have doctor appointments. Yes, I am sure this is the case for some, but not for the number of children I see being driven, so many that there is a teacher actually holding the door open so they don’t keep ringing the buzzer!

I spoke to quite a few parents and all were driving because of bus issues. I do not in any way fault the bus drivers. How can they keep their eyes on the road and see what 30 children behind them are doing?

I suggested having chaperones on the buses, and was told it was a money issue. But aren’t we paying taxes for all these buses that maybe half the children are actually using?

This is another issue the superintendent said she would look into. I offered her my services in any capacity.

Kate Goode

Little Egg Harbor

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