All I’m Asking for Is a Little Respect – Please!

By JIM DOHERTY | Feb 14, 2018

I’m calling my doctor’s office to make an appointment. “Hello, your call is really important so please stand by.” Ten minutes after hearing that my call is really important I hang up.

At the doctor’s office, after waiting an hour I’m taken from the waiting room to another, smaller room where I can wait by myself. Now I actually see the doctor but only for 30 seconds and he says, “If the script does not work, call back tomorrow.”

Waiting in line at the food store, the computer for the cash register goes down. The cashier says, “I can’t do anything until the computer goes on.” I say add the four articles I have on a bag, take 7 percent tax and I’ll pay you. I get a big “no way.”

Why don’t people return the shopping carts to the cart corral? The carts are left out to hit other cars.

When driving you must stay in the righthand lane unless passing. But the righthand lane is full of potholes and bumps that my car can’t take. So I move into the lefthand lane. It’s a much better ride, but the police stop me and I get a ticket.

Driving my car on the Garden State Parkway, I’m in the righthand lane and the car in front of me is swaying back and forth because the driver is trying to text. A police car comes by as the car passes me and I see the officer is on his cell phone. How in the world do we fix this?

While eating breakfast at my favorite diner I look over at the family of four next to me. The wife is talking on a cell phone, the husband is texting and the two kids are busy on their iPads. Why can’t people talk to each other anymore?

I have a small flip phone, yet I constantly get messages from my pharmacy that my prescriptions are ready so I drive over to pick them up only to be told, “Oh, yours aren’t ready yet.” My gasoline, my time?

Thousands of women have been marching in our major cities. One was asked by a reporter, “Why are you here?” Her reply was that she’s “protesting.” Next question: “What are you protesting?” “Everything,” she says. Anyone who has spent time in other countries would be kissing the ground we walk on here in America.

I’m home watching TV and it goes out. I call the company. The representative is in Vietnam. Hard-to-understand English is now spoken, so I hang up and try again. This time I get a recording about more expensive programming. I stop and think and decide to call my friend Bill. Bill calmly says unplug your TV and count to 10, then plug it back in. All is well, and there’s no bill from Bill.

Our Congress can’t seem to agree on anything. It doesn’t matter, Republican or Democrat. Nothing is ever done. Our founding fathers did not want it this way. How about taking some of their pay away for each day that they can’t come to some agreement? Every senator and representative must pay $50 to a bipartisan charity fund for each day they fail to compromise.

You’re watching TV and the person you’re watching says to stay tuned because a real special story is coming right up after the break. So you wait and wait and that story does not come up until the end of the program. Frustration.

Age discrimination. As an ex-teacher I wanted to go back to teach at age 74. Guess what? No chance. The department of education and teachers union both do not want older teachers even though we would agree to work for less money.

Why do seniors have to pay school taxes? They paid and their kids are grown and out of the house. What about the voucher system? Wouldn’t this allow the good schools to survive and the badly run schools to go away? Reason: the teachers union would not allow this, at the expense of our children.

I love this country. I love the people in my area. I think there should be a little more respect for everything and everyone. Our country is unique because we have the three branches of government that make things work: judicial, legislative and executive. Let’s all respect each other.

Jim Doherty lives in Waretown, N.J.

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