Almost Homeless

Dec 13, 2017

To the Editor:

Just an update on this 80-year-old disabled veteran. A few days ago I was called into the pit of the managers of the Cedar Run Apartments, where I live. They have come to the conclusion that I am not fit to live in their fair community, one, I might add, paid for by the government and controlled by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

It seems my 35-year-old felony conviction somehow came to light and they decided that HUD does not want “people like me” living in their housing. I was given 60 days to pack up and get out. If I tried to stay, their gang of lawyers would get me. I could fight them, but why waste my time? I will survive somehow.

I have been living in the Cedar Run complex since December 2014, when I moved in to care for my 86-year-old invalid sister. She, however, passed away in August 2015. I was allowed to stay by the old manager, who had a heart. Since Arbor Management from Delaware took over in July 2017, things have changed. They have started to renovate all 70 apartments in the complex.

The new management believes that they can do what they feel like doing and tell the tenants, some of whom have been here for years, “If you don’t like it, move.” I am talking about disabled and very old people who have no one and nowhere to go. They told the people living here that the place is a non-smoking complex and new tenants cannot smoke in their homes. They told old ladies who were talking outside their units that they were not allowed to congregate and also to remove the chairs from in front of their apartments where they would sit. We were told you cannot have a garden; you cannot cook outside during the summer months. There are more “you cannots” than there are “you cans.”

Within 60 days I will be homeless. I am trying to sell as much stuff as I can within that time frame so as to have enough money to move to a warmer climate and possibly live out of my 18-year-old car for whatever time I have left to live. The stress is beginning to take its toll.

Benjamin Lucciola

West Creek

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