America First?

Dec 06, 2017

To the Editor:

Mr. Strickard poses that “America First” is Trump’s credo. How is that so when he endorses Vladimir Putin yet criticizes our NATO allies? Is it “America First” when Trump-owned businesses make products in 12 different countries and supply jobs within these countries while touting “Made in America”?

Is “America First” when the president is a self-proclaimed sexual abuser and assaulter? Is “America First” when you violate the emoluments clause and abuse the American taxpayer? Is “America First” when our role model president has been proven to lie an average of 50 times per month (Politico Truth-Meter, Nov. 17)? Is “America First” when you childishly banter with and bait Kim Jung Un, who has ready access to nuclear weapons, putting us all at dire risk? Is “America First” when you attack the free press and the First Amendment? And is “America First” when you spew divisiveness, hatred, racism and misogyny? I think not!

As for Trump’s patriotism and nationalism, Mr. Trump has absolutely no clue what it’s like going into “harm’s way.” I personally say to him, “Don’t preach to me that it’s my patriotic duty to voluntarily serve our country when neither you, your sons or any other Trump has ever done so. Why didn’t your sons join the military? Didn’t your patriotic stance and nationalistic influence prompt them to belly-up to the recruitment table to sign on the dotted line?” No, that didn’t happen – like great-grandfather, like grandfather, like father, like sons!

Mr. Spickard further mentions Mr. Trump’s nationalism. If you mean his advocacy for “white nationalism,” yes, I do understand where he is positioned on nationalism.

If you listen to Mr. Trump, “America First,” patriotism and nationalism are spoken from his lofty podium, but his words become stale and hollow when he doesn’t actually practice what he preaches. 

Bill Green

Beach Haven



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