Another Agenda

May 24, 2017

Dear Superintendent Chidiac and Stafford Township Board of Education Members:

I’ve been a member of this school district for years and I’ve never been embarrassed about that, until recently.

Do you realize how blessed you all are to have a town full of good, hard-working, compassionate, involved parents who support you and everything you do for our children? Do you have any idea the caliber of support staff (teachers, aides, PTO volunteers) this district is made up of? Clearly you do not, or you wouldn’t have behaved the way you did at this last board meeting.

How dare you sit up there on that stage lecturing us about how hard it is to do what you do? Get involved? Why, so we can be led around on a leash being told how to vote? No thank you. You wanted to be sitting at that table; you got it. It’s obvious now to all of us that there is another agenda here besides “the new better fit” for these teachers and principals. They poured their hearts out to you to reconsider the decisions you’ve made over the last weeks, and you stepped over them like trash in the street.

Superintendent, what is your endgame here? Are you completely trying to alienate the entire town? Did you need a lawyer to defend your underlying motives (highlight the word “lie”)? That was a joke, having him there with his condescending comments and his fee being paid by our tax dollars.

As adults we all realize that jobs change, people disagree and we should all be lucky to have what we have, blah, blah, blah. You want to be role models for our children? Then act like it. This isn’t high school with the cool kids running the show. From now on, parents are going to have more to say about how things are done.

Lisa Mastroianni

Stafford Township

The writer is a township resident for 18 years and a member of the Stafford Township PTO for five years.


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