Another Bag Ban Proponent

Apr 25, 2018

To the Editor:

In a recent article (“Another Plastic Bag Ban Opponent Speaks Out,” 4/18), one resident thinks we could live without banning plastic shopping bags while acknowledging, “not that I think littering with plastic bags is appealing or attractive or desirable.” While plastic litter is unattractive and undesirable, that is not reason enough to ban plastic bags.  

However, The problem with plastic is much, much bigger. Once it is made, it doesn’t go away. It breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces and then gets in our food chain – creating a world I do not want to leave for my grandchildren. Also to be considered are the limited resources that are used to create a product that often is only used for minutes. 

His concern about the cost of a ban being passed onto consumers is unfounded because people will be educated to bring their bag. This is happening in areas scattered throughout our country. And corporate headquarters for big chain stores have begun to offer paper bags in certain areas. Change, positive change, is coming.

The solution: limit single-use plastic whenever possible. Bring your own bag, say no to straws, carry a reusable water bottle, etc. Let’s work together to take care of our earth. 

Barbara Reynolds


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