Another Plastic Bag Ban Opponent Speaks Out in Stafford

Apr 18, 2018

Stafford Township resident and former Councilman Paul Krier is the latest to decry the town’s efforts to enact a ban on single-use plastic bags.

During the public comment portion of the April 10 township council meeting, Krier stated his objection to the proposed ordinance – “not that I think littering with plastic bags is appealing or attractive or desirable.”

With respect to the litter prevention measures already in place, “I think the township would be better served by better enforcement of existing ordinances, and to promote anti-littering and cleanup efforts.”

Currently, plastic bags must be discarded in household trash, not recycling cans.

“As horrendous as the plastic bags are, they’re not the only thing in the waste stream,” Krier said. He added the bags are often made from recycled or recyclable materials. “We have existing ordinances to deal with trash in general, and I think they’re more than enough.”

Krier’s concern is the costs associated with the new ordinance would impact the residents and businesses – and, by extension, consumers.

Mayor John Spodofora explained the costs of plastic and paper are differently distributed. While the initial cost of paper bags might be slightly higher than plastic, the costs of plastic bags end up being greater, in terms of the complications they cause in the waste stream (they get hung up in the machines) and harm to the environment.

What about a community dropoff box to return the plastic bags? Krier asked.

A lot of stores do have those boxes, Spodofora said, but the trouble is people don’t use them. He shared a statistic that only 1 to 3 percent of all these bags actually get recycled.

It also stands to reason that if people could remember to bring their plastic bags back to the store, they might just as easily remember to bring reusable totes.

Krier said he reuses the plastic bags for other household purposes.

“Where we are right now is in a study phase,” Spodofora said. “It’s totally information-gathering.”  —V.F.

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