Argh! What a Parade!

Dec 05, 2018

To the Editor:

It was quite a whirlwind weekend, buying supplies, decorating the vehicle, and then waiting for and finally walking in the Ship Bottom Christmas Parade. And afterward was the dismantling of our creation.

This is a laborious project. Kudos to all participants who spent their time, energy and money to keep up this fun-filled event for the past 39 years.

I have only been involved in the parade for the last three years, and I have looked forward to early December on LBI. Seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces is a priceless experience that I enjoy thoroughly. Of course, wanting to see your name in The SandPaper as a winner in any category is a real thrill.

The real reward, though, is in a child’s face or a rambunctious adult when you pick them out of the crowd and hand them a white teddy bear with a Jolly Roger ribbon around its neck. Their faces light up with a smile so radiant you can almost “feel the heat.”

Thanks to all, including Mother Nature, who held off till 4 p.m. to rain this year, for another great memory. And by the way, whoever has the most happy memories in life wins.

Randy D. “Pirate of LBI” Brown

Spray Beach


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