Artisans’ Festivus 2 Set for Saturday

Dec 05, 2017
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The second annual Artisans’ Festivus Market is set for this Saturday, Dec. 9, at Tree of Life Pilates Studio in West Creek. Celebrating local talent and co-hosted by Tree of Life’s Merianne Paul Haug and SandPaper Artoonist Leslee Ganss, the fun runs from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and features “12 creators creating” (two up from last year’s 10 makers making): Robyn Firth, Victoria Ford, Ganss, Haug, Nancy Jeklinski, Annie Machotka, Steve Miller, Nettie and Nattie, Chuck Paul, Kimberly Ramey, Karen Ryerson and Tim Tooker.

The array of handmade goods includes work in every medium and material, from jewelry and hand-painted tree ornaments to skincare products and pottery, contemporary mixed media fine art, abstract paintings and portrait commissions, and the lovable and unclassifiable doo-dads and whosie-whatsits. In addition to the holiday shopping, enjoy free chair massages from Coral Island Spa.

“I’m really excited for our second Festivus market,” said Haug, who has been looking forward to it since the first one ended. “It turned out to be so much more than we ever expected, I think! Just a warm, wonderful feeling of community between the artists and all the people who stopped by.”

The idea had taken shape among Haug, Ganss and fellow artist Robyn Firth. “We thought it would be cool to utilize my studio space to feature some local creators who aren’t necessarily in the spotlight and just see what happens,” Haug explained. “We all just spread the word, no big ad campaign, and we were just so thrilled with the crowd that came and hung out!”

Ganss added: “When I suggested ‘Artisans’ Festivus’ as the name of our group, I thought to myself that perhaps we would have an ‘airing of grievances’ followed by the ‘feats of strength’ as proposed by the Seinfeld Festivus rules. Of course, that didn’t happen. But what did happen was a wonderful gathering of friends and neighbors totally attuned to this great mix of creators – an event that I am happy to be involved in again, without any grievances to air!”

The studio is located inside The Commons at Royce Run, upstairs, in the back, unit 2e. Check out some teaser photos on the Facebook event page, Artisans “Festivus 2” Market.  —V.F.

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