At Your Service

Aug 31, 2016

To the Editor:

This is in response to Mary Lee and Dave Jones of Holgate, “Holgate Beach Update: The Pleasure Is Gone” (8/17).

I am a Gator driver for Long Beach Township. We provide a service specifically to those who are handicapped or seniors. Holgate is included in the territory. I have taken many people across the dunes to the oceanfront and back this summer, as well as last.

This summer the township purchased three more Gators, so we were able to expand to Holgate and the northern end of the township proper, Brant Beach to North Beach Haven. We also have a Gator in North Beach at the public access.

I can’t answer your concerns about the railings, walkways and “amenities.” However, I do believe Holgate will receive the same as the rest of the township at some point.

I sincerely hope you will not abandon your vacation on LBI due to not being able to get to the beach over the dunes.  We can get you there! The number to call is 609-342-2111,  transportation.

I look forward to meeting you.

Linda Donovan



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