Atlantic City Electric Tips Spring Into Customer Savings

Act Now to Save Money This Summer
Apr 16, 2018
Photo by: Ryan Morrill Close window shades, blinds or drapes to diminish the sun heat and retain cooler air inside.

While Mother Nature might not want to make it feel like spring, it’s actually here. And with summer almost in reach, Atlantic City Electric is providing important tips and information so customers can spring into savings.

By following a few suggestions, customers can save money and energy during the hot summer months. This spring, customers should take advantage of the mild weather to inspect their home or business and make enhancements that can lead to significant energy efficiency improvements and greater savings, says ACE.

In most cases, energy efficiency adjustments can be implemented at low or no cost to customers.

Insulate Your Home. Insulating your home or business can significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs, while increasing the comfort of your home in both hot and cold weather.

Make Spring Greener. Proper selection and placement of trees, shrubs and vines adds attractiveness and helps lower the heating and cooling needs of a home or business.

Create a Comfortable Climate. If health permits, customers can save money in hot months by setting their thermostats at 78 degrees, a reasonably comfortable and energy-efficient indoor temperature. Close window shades, blinds or drapes to diminish the sun heat and retain cooler air inside.

Upgrade Your Thermostat. A web-programmable thermostat can save you even more money, as much as 10 percent off your annual electric bill. It gives you the power to control your home’s temperature remotely, so it’s just right when you walk in the door.

Filter Savings into Your Pocket. Customers who regularly change filters to maintain their cooling systems can save money and increase the comfort level in their home or business.

Allow Air to Flow Freely, Ensure that no furniture or other obstacles are blocking ducts or fans. This will enable cooled air to circulate freely, making your home or business more comfortable.

Properly Position Appliances. Keep lamps, televisions or other heat sources away from the air conditioner’s thermostat. Heat from these devices may cause the air conditioner unit to run longer than it should.

Become an Energy Detective. If you have a crawl space, inspect it regularly to ensure that the insulation inside is dry. When insulation gets wet, it isn’t as effective. Be sure to find the source of the moisture and replace any damaged insulation.

Don’t Tank Your Energy Savings. The water heater/hot water tank is typically the third-highest energy expense in the home. Lowering the temperature on the water heater can help save energy and money.

Another Bright Idea: Replace incandescent light bulbs with more efficient, compact fluorescent ones.

Consider an Upgrade. By purchasing ENERGY STAR-certified appliances, smart thermostats, and other qualifying high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment, customers can earn rebates.

Customers can learn more about programs to help reduce the cost of energy-saving improvements, as well as additional tips and resources, at the website atlanticcityelectric.com/waystosave or by calling 1-800-642-3780.

Customers are also encouraged to sign up for My Account online at atlanticcityelectric.com or by using the Atlantic City Electric’s mobile app. My Account contains tools and detailed energy usage information. By tracking energy use, comparing usage trends, and discovering the results of energy-saving practices, customers can manage their energy more efficiently.

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