Atrocious Policy

Jul 06, 2018

To the Editor:

No one wants porous borders allowing criminals or MS-13 gang members to enter our country, not Democrats, not Republicans, not Independents, not any American. America needs tough security on our southern border that sends undesirables back to where they came from.

However, we also need compassionate and humane border security details to process migrants fleeing the atrocities of their homelands of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. These are mothers, fathers and children seeking asylum so they are not murdered or raped in their countries of origin, families who have given up every earthly possession to make their arduous journey to safety in the U.S.

But rather than being greeted with the true spirit of America by welcoming refugees fleeing intolerable violence, our government has chosen to deny them due process, separate infants and children from their families with no tracking mechanism in place for future reunification, then placing them in cruel and dehumanizing incarceration facilities.

When did America become so unkind? When did we lose our moral compass of giving shelter to those in such desperate situations?

How blessed we are to live in a democracy. How blessed we are to have freedoms only dreamed of in other countries. Americans are all immigrants and some of our families fled their homelands to escape persecution and worse. Yet so many seem to have forgotten their heritage. They have turned their backs on the welcoming words inscribed on the Statue of Liberty that greeted their ancestors with hope for a better future.

The Great Bay Democratic Club, serving the towns of Little Egg Harbor, Tuckerton, Eagleswood and Bass River, celebrates the diverse patchwork that is the U.S. Our club believes that there is a place in America for all seeking asylum from violence and death. We believe that it is the obligation of our government, which imposed this embarrassing, unnecessary and atrocious policy of separating and violating families at our southern border, to immediately remedy this situation by reuniting every man, woman and child whom they have separated.

Earl C. Lewis, corresponding secretary

Great Bay Democratic Club


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