Autumn Spell

Oct 19, 2016

To the Editor:

I think your readers will enjoy the following poem, written by my late wife, a long-time resident of Ship Bottom, summarizing our feelings for LBI at this time of year.

Chuck Fay

Ship Bottom



I went alone to the beach today,

Sand stretched white and vast.

The summer throngs had seen their day;

Nature reigned at last.


Fat seagulls strutted, squawked and preened,

Free again once more, 

To prance unhindered and serene, 

Upon their pristine shore.


Unhindered wavelets licked the sand,

Then scurried back to sea,

As if to taunt the birds on land,

“Hey, come follow me!”


An azure sky and crystal seas,

Crowned by brilliant sun,

Created an image I wanted to freeze, 

To recall when autumn is done.


I climbed the dune to reality,

Reluctant to end the spell, 

And took with me a memory, 

That in my heart will dwell.

Ann Fay, 1994


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