Baby Swan Enters the World on Mother’s Day

May 30, 2018
Photo by: Dave Burns

Except for the dead of winter, the bay waters off Harvest Cove in Harvey Cedars are visited by swans. But on Mother’s Day, a momentous event occurred as residents saw their first baby swan hatched.

“And a few days after that, another baby was hatched,” said Dave Burns, who had been keeping an eye on the eggs all spring along with other residents. “There were two eggs that didn’t hatch, but it was so great to see a baby swan born.”

He said that last year, four eggs were laid, but they failed.

“I think in past years, we didn’t see any eggs because they might have been washed away by storms,” said Burns. “They might have also laid eggs in other locations.”  

Burns said he has seen the swans since moving to the borough full time in 2011.

“Hopefully by next spring, the mother will sit on the eggs and more will hatch,” he said. 

Another resident, Kathleen Ries, said it’s possible more babies (known as cygnets) will hatch in the coming days.

“There may be more eggs, but they can’t always be spotted because the mother’s on the nest most of the time,” said Ries. “So far, none of the babies have been seen paddling around the cove.”

Ries said that usually between five to seven swans can be spotted in the area.

“They’re very beautiful to look at, but they also help out by chasing the geese away,” she said. “When it gets real cold in the middle of winter we don’t see them, but anytime in the fall, spring or summer, they’re bound to show up.” —E.E.

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