Bag Ban Backed

Jun 27, 2018

The following was addressed to Beach Haven Municipal Clerk/Borough Administrator Sherry Mason.

Dear Sherry:

The Beach Haven Taxpayers Association met on May 26 and unanimously supported by motion the plastic bag ban that may be discussed by borough council in the near future. In support of this initiative, BHTA plans to distribute reusable bags at our expense to taxpayers and local businesses.

As you know, Long Beach Township and Harvey Cedars adopted similar ordinances to ban plastic bags. The LBT implementation was slow and deliberate to allow input from residents and businesses. It was reported that there were no major issues post-implementation.

BHTA’s mission is to build a network of engaged taxpayers who care about the borough’s vitality and affordability. That would include all issues affecting our taxpayers including cultural, environmental and economic. We have a moral and ethical obligation as taxpayers’ representatives in a shore community to do whatever we can to protect our environment.

It has been well documented that plastic bags threaten our marine wildlife and may lead to the extinction of many of our marine animals. We believe the ban of plastic bags is an important first step down the road of environmental preservation, even at the expense of charging a nominal fee for biodegradable bags.

The borough of Beach Haven should read and consider adopting similar ordinances currently in place in other shore communities. While no ordinance suits all, we encourage the borough to engage all businesses and taxpayers with the goal of promoting an environmentally friendly solution to this problem. Habits are hard to break, but in this case, well worth the effort.

John Hailperin, president

Beach Haven Taxpayers Association


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