Bag Ban Reeks

Nov 22, 2017

To the Editor:

The decision on the part of Mayor Mancini and the Long Beach Township Board of Commissioners to ban plastic bags in the township reeks of the all-too-frequent and phony “Save the World” mentality that has little or no correlation with fact or result-driven thinking.

I’ve lived on the Island for over 50 years and have yet to see a “plastic bag flying around the neighborhood,” as Mayor Mancini theatrically claims is a common occurrence. Conversely, what about the global destruction of our forests required to meet the demand for increased usage of paper bags or the documented emergency room-overrun cities like San Francisco and others around the country with cases of E. coli and other food-borne illnesses as a result of reusable bags being unsanitary. Both scenarios correlate directly with bans on plastic grocery bags.

Does Mayor Mancini and the board plan to inspect cars coming over the bridge to rid them of the yellow bags from ShopRite or to prohibit summer visitors from entering the Island with the soon-to-be-banned plastic bags? Of course not. 

In summary, this is just another example of tyrannical authoritarianism running wild, which as we all know always starts with the small issues as a window opener to their future illusions of grandeur.

If the mayors and governing bodies on the Island really want to keep our Island clean and eliminate trash on the beach, may I strongly suggest implementing an Island-wide daily beach badge rate of $25. Start there and leave my plastic bags alone.

Joseph S. Orrico

Surf City



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