Bag Drag

Jun 27, 2018

To the Editor:

While I’m all for conserving and keeping plastic bags out of our water, the stores were not ready for the rollout.

I have reusable bags everywhere except when I walk into a store. So far I have six Wawa reusable bags, and I haven’t reused one yet. Sunday I went to Acme and of course took the wrong car, so no bags. At the checkout I was told that they ran out of plastic reusable bags and I could purchase a paper reusable bag for 10 cents. The paper handle broke as I put it in cart and I was still charged.

I think a corporation such as Acme should provide paper bags for free until they get the reusable bags in. It’s not the charge per bag because I’m in for a couple of bucks already; it’s the principle.

What’s going to happen 4th of July weekend? Will people be pushing carts full of unbagged food out of the store instead of being charged for 10 bags? So far the plastic ban is not working for me.

John Pearson

Beach Haven Gardens



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Posted by: Jean D Ragone | Jun 28, 2018 08:10

I was in the check out line last week listening to an Island RESIDENT berate the poor girl at the cash register. The shopper was furious because the Acme was no longer providing FREE plastic bags. She and her husband sarcastically asked if the Acme wanted to charge them for the use of the cart as well. Come on, people we were warned this was happening and when it was happening.  WE, the shoppers, needed to be better prepared.

Acme had posted signs well before 5/1 indicating that plastic disposable bags would not be supplied after May 1. During the month of May they provided the paper bags as a courtesy at no charge.  It is the shopper’s responsibility not the Acme’s. We have been given plenty of notice. I did not fully support the new plastic bag ordinance but it is here and I now need to follow it. My guess is that most stores simply expected shoppers and landlords to be more responsible. Landlords need to inform their tenants of the ordinance and then the shoppers need to follow the rules. Most townships are providing free bags when you buy beach badges or pay tax bills in person. Many restaurants and other vendors are selling the reusable bags all over the Island. You don’t have bags then keep a box in your trunk.

I bought additional disposable bags and keep some used Acme paper bags so I can store a back-up supply tucked away in my car.  Am I thrilled with the ban?  No, but it’s my responsibility to be ready for my shopping trip.

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