Bags on the Beach

Dec 06, 2017

To the Editor:

I am writing this in response to Joseph Orrico’s letter concerning the banning of plastic bags (“Bag Ban Reeks,” 11/22). He implies that there is no problem with plastic bags on LBI. My wife and I routinely walk the beach in Surf City and Ship Bottom to pick up trash. I can assure Mr. Orrico that we pick up plenty of plastic bags from the beach, most of them washed up by the tides.

The scallop boats out of Viking Village are pulling up plastic bags from 140 feet down, and not one or two but hundreds. These plastic bags are seen as jellyfish to many fish and turtles that choke on them.

Whole Foods has been using paper shopping bags with handles for a long time. Trees are a renewable resource. If he doesn’t believe it, I suggest he visit the hundreds of thousands of acres owned by the paper manufacturers in Maine.

There is now a company that manufactures biodegradable “plastic” bags from plant tubers. Anyone who uses reusable shopping bags and doesn’t have enough common sense to wash them routinely will certainly pay the price. We cannot protect stupid people from themselves.

Long Beach Township is a start. When surrounding towns see that the plastic bag ban was not the end of the world, they will also adopt this policy and the ShopRites and Wal-Marts of the world will comply. Then Mr. Orrico will be bringing home his groceries in a paper shopping bag like he probably did over 50 years ago, and the world will not come to an end because of it.

In the meantime, Mr. Orrico, I suggest that you take a walk on the beach and calm down by taking deep breaths. And while you are out there, pick up some of the plastic bags you find and dispose of them properly.

Bill Dluzniewski





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