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Balalaikas and Broadway

Oct 06, 2017
Supplied Photo Tenor Justin Gonzalez will sing selections from favorite Broadway shows.

East meets West at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit in Tuckerton on Oct. 21 at 7:30 p.m. with a “Balalaikas and Broadway” concert featuring the Kauriga Balalaika Ensemble plus tenor Justin Gonzalez and soprano Lenore Kauriga singing favorite show tunes.

Balalaikas and domras are three and four-stringed instruments from Eastern Europe that produce soft melodic sounds. They range in all sizes to complement voices: soprano, second soprano, alto and bass. At times the orchestra also uses accordions, woodwinds and percussion instruments.

The orchestra was started by Paul Kauriga Sr. over 70 years ago and is continued by his son Dimitri. Its purpose is to perpetuate unique Eastern European folk music. Today, there are several hundred musicians who perform folk music composed or arranged by Kauriga in various ensembles around the country.

Tickets for the Oct. 21 concert are $30 (students $10) and include a light buffet afterward.

Call 609-296-9618 for tickets or stop at the church.  —P.J.


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