Barking Up Wrong Beach

Jun 14, 2017

To the Editor:

In her letter (“Dog Beach Needed,” 6/7), Ms. Sakes seems to put the presumed enjoyment her dog has as more important than the actual annoyance her dog would inflict upon beachgoers. Two of her statements I find almost laughable. 

The first is “sure, there are irresponsible people who don’t pick up after their dog …” In my more than 50 years as a no-dog homeowner, including eight as a full-time permanent resident of Surf City, I find that the number of “irresponsible people” is not an insignificant figure. Even when dogs were not allowed on the Surf City beach at any time, I frequently saw the remains of their visits. In the two off-season dog access periods, I have yet to see an owner carrying anything off the beach. 

The other statement is “Watching our best friends frolicking in the waves …” Surf City requires a leash at all times as a protection for surfers and fishermen. I also would deeply resent having my quiet time at the beach disturbed by a dog running up to check me out.

Michael E. McGurkin

Surf City


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Posted by: Jean D Ragone | Jun 15, 2017 08:19

As a dog owner I understand that Ms. Sakes would like her dog to enjoy the beach with her. Unfortunately, the "need" of the dog is far outweighed by public health & safety concerns. Too many pet owners DO NOT clean up their dog's feces as required by the law when walking the pet. I imagine some would be less apt to clean it up if their dog was running loose (a code violation) on the beach or in the water. Did you see the movie "Marley?"  And I surely wouldn't want my child digging in the sand where a dog just urinated.

If Ms. Sakes wants a dedicated dog beach then that would create more crowding in the remaining "people" areas, perhaps putting more of a burden on the lifeguards.  It would also cost more in tax dollars due to the clean up  Also, as a dog owner I don't take my dog to public pet areas.  I have no way of knowing if the other dogs are friendly and/or as strictly vaccinated as my dog.

So even though I love to walk my dog on the beach, the safety, well being and enjoyment of my fellow beach goers is more important.

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