Barnegat Landlords Will Pay Big for Unkempt Properties

Jul 04, 2018

Owners of rental units in Barnegat Township will have a big bill on their hands if their tenants fail to maintain their properties, according to  a “brush, weeds and obnoxious growth” ordinance adopted by the Barnegat Township Committee July 3.

“We’ve had complaints about properties not being maintained,” said Deputy Mayor Alfonso Cirulli. “But rather than go after the tenants, we’re going to make sure that the responsibility falls on the landlord. We have places where the grass is growing very high, and it is very unsightly.”

Or as the ordinance states, “All structures and land shall be maintained in a clean, safe, secure and sanitary condition as provided herein so as not to cause a blighting problem or adversely affect the public health or safety.”

The ordinance does not include mobile home communities, which Cirulli said are privately owned entities.

The ordinance says if landowners fail to remedy the matter after receiving a violation notice from the township, the problem will be rectified by the municipality at the landlord’s expense. Costs will include labor, equipment charges and fuel.

For example, the property owner will be charged $60 per hour for a foreman, $40 per hour for laborer/driver, $40 per hour for riding lawnmower, $30 per hour for pickup truck, $15 per hour for push lawn mower and $15 per hour for chain saw.

In addition, the landlord will be hit with a $250 administrative fee. Land owners convicted of not maintaining property will face a $200 fine for a first offense, while the second and third offenses are $300 and $500, respectively. E.E.

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