Barnegat Light Warning: Digging in Dune Cliffs Is Deadly Cave-In Danger

Feb 15, 2017
Photo by: Ryan Morrill

Digging tunnels into the eroded cliffs at the beach is unsafe, the Barnegat Light councilman in charge of public works warns parents and children.

Special concern is about 14th Street northward to the inlet, where beach erosion caused by winter storms has carved cliffs, noted Councilman Scott Sharpless.

“There are 14-foot cliffs in some places,” Sharpless said.

He urged parents to “make sure your kids are not digging in the cliffs.”

“If you see any kids digging holes or tunnels, anything like that, please tell them to get away and stop. Because all it takes is for them to dig a little too far, and the whole cliff is going to cave in on them and we’re never going to get them.

“We put a warning on the website ... and there is tape on the end of some of the street ends. People wandering up there looking at the full moon could fall over the cliff.”

Dottie Reynolds, councilwoman who chairs the beaches and parks committee, said they are hoping that by spring, the prevailing winds bring sand back.

The borough can also put a bulldozer to work leveling the upper beach, Mayor Kirk Larson said. Council members said at the monthly meeting on Feb. 8 that there was no use bulldozing that week, as another nor’easter was approaching.


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