Barnegat Mobile Homes Getting Smoke Alarms Saturday

Oct 05, 2016

An inaugural smoke detector replacement program will be taking place on Saturday, Oct. 8, for the residents of the Pinewood Estates and Brighton at Barnegat mobile home communities.

Michelle Woodruff, president of the Manufactured Homeowners Association, said the service is being offered free of charge by the American Red Cross. She said Red Cross members will be gathering at 9 a.m. at the Pinewood Estates firehouse building.

“The Red Cross announced they were going to start this program a year ago, and now it is finally going to happen,” said Woodruff.

She said volunteers will be needed to help install the detectors and also to help with paperwork.

“Some Barnegat Fire Co. members said they would help out,” said Woodruff. “The mayor (John Novak) and Deputy Mayor (Al Bille) have indicated they want to stop by and help. This is the first time for all of us, so we’ll figure out what the Red Cross needs and where we fit in as we go along. It’s a good chance to boost our two communities’ civic-mindedness.”

Ray Leszczak, Brighton resident and rent leveling board member, said the program targets elderly tenants who may be physically incapable of changing their smoke detector batteries.

“These batteries will be good for 10 years,” said Leszczak.

He said that around this time of year, there usually are public service announcements to change smoke detector batteries when clocks are switched back an hour to standard time, which falls on Nov. 6 this year.

“We have about 40 homeowners in Brighton who have signed up for the program,” added Woodruff. “I hope a lot of people in both developments take advantage of this.” —E.E.

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