Barnegat Resident’s Project Is a Piece of Cake

Academy of Culinary Arts Student
Jan 24, 2018
Courtesy of: Atlantic Cape Community College

Barnegat High School’s class of 2015 might have a future cake boss in their midst. Anyssa Perez-Crooks was one of 12 Academy of Culinary Arts students in Chef Educator Tree McCann’s Centerpiece Artistry Class who worked on several projects during their final class, including designing birdhouse centerpieces, each representing a business at Historic Smithville. The students had to make pastillage to create their birdhouses, which is a sugar-based dough used in decorating and creating decorations for pastry, showpiece work and decorative molded forms.

The “Tweeterville Village” was recently on display at the Smithville Inn. Other mediums the students worked with in the advanced baking class were tempered chocolate, sugar and marzipan.

Kelly McClay of Mays Landing, dean of the Academy of Culinary Arts, said, “The Tweeterville project is a great way for the students to learn the processes behind designing a centerpiece for display. Having the opportunity to meet with the shop owners and learn what motivated them to want their own business, what their perception is and how it plays out in the look of their store allows the student to not just see, but feel the commitment needed to have your own business.”

The 20-year-old Crooks will graduate this spring from the school, which is based at Cape Atlantic Community College.

“I would like a career in cake decorating,” she said.

Crooks said she developed an interest in baking at an early age, and is especially fond of making doughnuts and croissants.

“I’ve also liked art, so cake decorating combines both my interests in baking and art,” she said. “One day, I hope to own my own bakery and come up with some unique designs.” —E.E.

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