Barnegat Schools Superintendent Goes on Facebook to Rip Board

Jul 26, 2017

Barnegat Schools Superintendent Karen Wood has taken to social media to express dissatisfaction with the board of education, accusing it of bullying and anti-ethical acts among other allegations. On a Facebook rant posted on July 22, Wood opened by saying that she had never posted anything political on Facebook except for her “dislike for Gov. Christie because of what he has done to teachers and education, the profession I love.”

“I am so disheartened that some members of the Barnegat board can only believe a portion of what they hear ... and endorse it. So sad. What about getting to the root of the problem? What about asking the superintendent? What about doing what’s right for the kids and forgetting politics. What about education? What did the people elect you for? If the community knew the corrupt, anti-ethical acts, the bullying, the coercion, the misrepresentation of the superintendent, would they still support it? I have never done anything to hurt children. In fact, it is my passion for education that will have me work until my last day in Barnegat even if the ‘powers that be’ see things differently.”

Wood, who has been district superintendent since July 2011, continued by saying she was “sad that small-town politics allows for corruption, nepotism, etc.”

“I will always remain committed to students and teachers in Barnegat and I hope they know that,” she wrote. “Our teachers are awesome, as are our families and community members.”

By press time, Wood could not be reached for comment concerning to what her post was specifically referring. Her comments surprised board President Scott Sarno.

“If she has concerns, she should bring them up with the board,” he said. “This should have gone through the proper channels, not the social media.”

Sarno disputed the nepotism comment, saying that it is Wood who recommends staff hirings.

“She recommends, and we approve her recommendations,” said Sarno.

He said Wood’s contract expires at the end of June 2018.

“And at least up until then, I intend for her to be our superintendent,” said Sarno.

He and Board Attorney Jerry Dasti said they could not specifically comment on any negotiations with Wood.

— Eric Englund

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