Barnegat Snow Removal Cost Less Than Last Year So Far 

Feb 22, 2017

The mild winter is certainly making it easy for people who don’t like to have their lives disrupted by a snowstorm. It’s also resulting in towns likely spending less than what they budgeted for in snow removal costs.

At a recent Barnegat Township Committee meeting, Committeeman Alfonso Cirulli said the snowstorm that struck the area the second weekend of January cost the municipality $35,880.

“The costs came mostly from gas, salt and salaries,” he said. “We used close to 100 tons of salts, so hopefully we won’t have any more snow for the winter.”

The State Climatologist Office at Rutgers University reported 8.5 inches of snow fell in Barnegat during the Jan. 7-8 event. Little snow has fallen since.  

“Last year, we had around 28 inches total for the winter,” said Township Administrator Martin Lisella.

He said the township annually budgets $150,000 for snow removal costs.

“We’ve had some winters where we got hit hard with snowstorms,” said Lisella. “The problem then is if you run low on salt, you have to buy extra salt and that can be pretty costly because you’re buying it at a premium and all the towns are also in the market.”

As recently as 2013-2014, the township spent $300,000 on snow removal costs.

“When you have more snowstorms, there are going to be overtime costs,” said the administrator. “There’s also the possibility of vehicles breaking down, so then you have repair expenses. It has been a good winter so far, but we still have yet to go through March.”  —E.E.  


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