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A Must-Have Gear Guide for Guys and Girls in 2015
By JON COEN | Jun 17, 2015

Summer is short. Seems like it gets shorter every year. One day you’re pulling the summer board out of the rafters and before you know it, you’re making Labor Day plans. …Too short.

We’re looking to help you make the most of every second this summer. And that means locking down some good gear to ensure you don’t miss a single swell, blitz, party on the bay, or photo opportunity. There’s only so much room in that bag and we want to make sure you fill it with gear you can depend on. Here are your summer essentials.



ESSENTIAL BAG: Reef Diamond Tail II Backpack. So you’ve got all these summer essentials, you’re going to have to carry them all. This is part of Reef’s Shelter Supply collection, specifically for surf and travel and the ideal way to keep your gear organized. The outer pocket has that all-important wet/dry compartment with a drain hole. There’s a side zipped laptop pocket and easy internal compartments to keep iPod, sandals, snacks, pocket knife, sunblock, headphones and other essentials organized. The Diamond Tail features stretchy water bottle holders, sunglass pocket and straps for outer storage. Available at Farias Surf and Sport. (Courtesy of: Reef)
ESSENTIAL KICKS: Vans Classic Lite. Summer means always being on the go, working, playing or transitioning from one to the other. So a good pair of kicks is a necessity, and it’s possible Vans just nailed it. Vans have been timeless surf and skate style since 1966, but the flat soles were never great for your back. The new Classic Lites “UltraCush” footbeds mimic the feel of a running shoe with more heel cushion, and transfer of energy to and from the ball of your foot in a super lightweight shoe (less than half the weight of your normal sneaker). The best part is that they come in classic Vans styles like the Authentic, Slip On, Sk8-Hi, and Old Skool. And those Crocs gotta go. Available at Farias Surf and Sport. (Courtesy of: Vans)
ESSENTIAL COVERAGE: Body Glove Smoothie. The days of girls simply soaking sun are over. Each year we see more and more females in and on the water, but the last thing they need is a wardrobe malfunction. As women’s board shorts fade into fashion obscurity, Body Glove has bikinis specifically designed to assure that your “girls” don’t fall out on every wave, nor will creep into thong position when you’re paddling the bay. The Smoothie is Body Glove’s mix-and-matchable bikini, but the Surf Rider Bottoms have a draw-string waist to ensure that they stay put, so you can worry about your next turn, not how much ass is showing. Available at Surf Unlimited. (Photo by: Body Glove)
ESSENTIAL HYDRATION: ALO Canteen. Staying hydrated is essential in the summer. That’s a given. But each plastic bottle of water you buy is an unnecessary use of petroleum and only about five percent ever get recycled or reused. Bottled water is the biggest scam going and for every plastic bottle of water you guzzle down, you’re putting the bay, the beach and the ocean in peril. And that’s not to mention the money you’re wasting, as our tap water is some of the best in the country. Damn right. Why not pick up an ALO Canteen and support the organization that protects our waterways? Fill it for free and make it part of your summertime kit. Available at South End Surf N’ Paddle, LBI Foundation of the Arts and Sciences, Old Causeway Steak and Oyster House. (Courtesy of: ALO)
ESSENTIAL CRUISER: Giant Simple Single. One awesome aspect of LBI is how much is accessible by bike. You can’t physically be more than five blocks from the beach at any time. Avoid the traffic, put one less car on the road, and don’t worry about parking. Giant’s Simple Single is the ultimate in cruising style, with lightweight aluminum frame, easy gearing options, Supersoft foam seat and rustproof cranks and chain. Available in mens and womens. On the Island or the mainland, there is no better way to get around than a beach cruiser. Available at Walter’s Bikes. (Courtesy of: Giant)
ESSENTIAL MULTI-TOOL: Leatherman Juice SX. After a board and a pair of trunks, a good knife is absolutely essential in the summer. The Leatherman Juice SX, of high-carbon stainless steel, was made specifically for the surfer – everything you need in a good pocketknife or multi-tool with a 3/32 fin screw as well. With this handy tool, you can swap out fins, cut bait and open that all-important summer beverage at the end of the day, plus wire cutters, can opener and screwdrivers. Also fantastic for your winter travels. Available at (Courtesy of: Leatherman)
ESSENTIAL PHONE ACCESSORY: Dry Case. Everyone has a smartphone, hence everyone should have a Dry Case. There’s something to be said for putting away the phone when you’re at the beach, but there’s something to be said for waterproofing your phone as well. This case is great for a day on the boat or near the high tide line. The key to Dry Case is the vacuum seal, which makes the touch screen accessible through the case and the versatility. Get epic video footage from the water and have it on Instagram before you get to dry land. Add in the Dry Buds waterproof headphones and listen to your music while paddling your SUP or kayak. Keep it in your back with the threat of summer T-storms, and you’ll never get caught in a phone-wrecking downpour. Available at South End Surf N’ Paddle. (Courtesy of: DryCase)
ESSENTIAL BOARDSHORT: Jetty La Bomba Scalloped. No matter how small the surf gets in the middle of summer, we are forever grateful for warm water. Baggies, shorts, boardies… every surfer loves the freedom of wearing nothing but a pair of trunks. Jetty’s La Bomba prints are inspired by the Atlantic lore of the Bermuda Triangle, a shipwreck beach littered with curious pineapples and fish-knives. They’re also 21 inches long, because no one wants to see the upper region of “man-thigh.” Made of 360-degree stretch material for comfort in the water, and wicking technology so they dry out fast. Surf in them. Work in them. Sleep in them. Essential for summer. Available at The Shack Boardshop, Surf Unlimited, Farias Surf and Sport. (Courtesy of: Jettylife)
ESSENTIAL LOG: Matador El Toro. For all the hype of summer, we see a lot more knee-slappers than epic swell. Every surfer should have a longboard in his or her quiver and the El Dorado simply makes sense.  Spend more time in the water and make the most of the season. Richard Lisiewski, New Jersey’s first board builder, started Matador Surfboards in the early ’60s. His son Michael continues the label today and each board is hand-shaped in New Jersey. This is a classic singlefin with rolled bottom and wide, squashtail built for glides and noserides.  Functional, nostalgic and fun. Available at Brighton Beach Surf Shop and Wave Hog Surf Shop. (Courtesy of: Brighton Beach Surf Shop)
ESSENTIAL CLEANLINESS: Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps. We know what you’re thinking. How does soap fit in with essentials like bikes and wetsuits? Well, LBI and the mainland are home to a lot of outdoor showers. Dr. Bronner’s Castile Liquid Soaps are certified organic, so there are no chemicals running into your yard, seeping into the soil or eventually getting into our waterways. And the Peppermint flavor, known for that after shower tingle, is also a miracle ointment for surf rash. Be warned, it will sting at first, but the peppermint takes the bite out of chaffed nips and pits. Budget travelers love Bronners because it has so many uses. All soaps are certified Fair Trade, packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic bottles. Available at Pangaea Naturals. (Courtesy of: Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps)
ESSENTIAL SUN PROTECTION: Sun Bum Sunscreen. After the winter we just had, we know everyone is going to want to spend every minute outside. But that summer sun can be brutal. Nothing like heading to the bar at night glowing like some kind of mutant lobster from your day on the boat. And then there’s the whole issue with skin cancer. Sun Bum is a moisturizing sunscreen that protects your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays while enriching it with antioxidant Vitamin E. It’s parabin free and hypoallergenic. It’s also formulated to be water resistant for 80 minutes; you still have to reapply, just not as often. Have fun. Be safe. Available at Farias, Surf Unlimited, Sunglass Menagerie, Bowkers South Beach Deli, Thundering Surf, B&B, Ron Jon’s and Neptune Market. (Courtesy of: Sun Bum)
ESSENTIAL WARMTH: O’Neill Epic 2mm shortsleeve wetsuit. In a perfect world, we’d wear trunks right through to October. But the reality is that the water can get a bit chilly during our summer. June and early July are known for upwelling and those early dawn patrols get nippy. O’Neill is a trusted name and the Epic 2mm is made with many of the same features as O’Neill’s high end Psycho series: 100 percent super stretch neoprene, glued, blind-stitched, and seamless paddle zones to avoid summertime rashes. Available at Surf Unlimited and Farias Surf and Sport. (Courtesy of: O'Neill)
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