Be Vigilant

Jul 12, 2017

The following is addressed to John Imperiale.


I just read your well-written commentary (“American History Redux: What the ’50s Tell Us About Today,” 7/5) – kudos and right on! We are in scary times with a leader (and I use that distinction loosely) who is soooo unprepared for his role that it is an abomination. I have noticed such a huge change in so many people’s demeanor since this past November. People have truly taken on the mantle of Trump – an angry, me-first, less-civilized attitude. God help us all.

I applaud your words and encourage all Americans to be vigilant and to do just as you, make our voices heard, over and over again! Now is not the time to be armchair citizens; we must be active participants and make our displeasure and concerns known.

Linda Armston

Beach Haven West

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