Beach Haven Beach Patrol Lauds ‘Selfless Individuals’

Aug 08, 2018

With the summer season winding down, the Beach Haven Beach Patrol is recognizing numerous borough employees for their “bravery, calmness under pressure, professionalism and selflessness.”

The beach patrol said that at the halfway point of the 10-week season, guards had compiled more than 300 rescues, primarily due to the prevalence of rip currents.

“These rip currents have been forming due to a combination of various reasons: unusual weather patterns creating strong winds and wave actions, beach replenishment to north, and unstable sandbars here in Beach Haven,” the patrol said.

“Large crowds and warm water have also contributed to the number of rescues. The sheer volume of people coming to Beach Haven means that, according to the law of averages, something will go wrong. Fortunately, many of the incidents have occurred off the beaches and ended up with relatively positive outcomes. This is due to the skills, attitudes and contributions of multiple people.”

Headed by Chief Mike Lawrence, the beach patrol lauded several police officers “who put their lives in danger to ensure the safety of friends, family, associates and complete strangers. They heroically rush into unsafe situations, instead of being a bystander. They consistently display unheralded courage, fearlessness and mettle.”

Class II Officer Nick Mazzeo was cited for his “quick, level-headed thinking, incredible split-second extraordinary decision making and his truly incredible vision. He undoubtedly saved a life with his heroic measures on the morning of Tuesday, July 31,” the patrol said.

Class II Officer Amanda White was recognized for her continuous “benevolent, caring and intrepid actions, particularly during the episode on the afternoon of Wednesday, Aug. 1. Her actions were responsible for the saving of a young person’s life.”

Of Police Officer Michael Perkins, the patrol said, “Without his unending contributions an individual may not be as well off today medically ... after suffering an accident in the ocean.”

The patrol said police shift Cmdr. and soon-to-be Sgt. James Lemo’s “calm, cool demeanor and critical thinking abilities enabled him to coordinate the rescue of a distressed person on the morning of Tuesday, July 31. Without his leadership, a life surely would have been lost.”

Of police Sgt. Lisa Schmeid, the patrol said she “incessantly proves her courageousness and intrepidity. ... Her actions on the afternoon of Wednesday, Aug. 1 led to the saving of a life.”

The patrol said Beach Haven Detective Steve Purtel, “who we have watched rise through the ranks and had the pleasure of training ourselves deserves public praise and lauding. His skills and desire to consistently go above and beyond the call of duty have saved many lives.”

Of beach patrol Lt. Meghan Marro, “Her knowledge and skill set in the areas of spinal injury management and CPR are second to none. Her direct involvement and contributions to an incident Wednesday, Aug. 1 certainly saved a life.”

Police Chief James Markoski, Capt. Tom Medel and Borough Manager Sherry Mason “deserve recognition for their unending leadership, support and even advocacy. We cannot express how grateful we are to them for their encouragement, assistance and endorsement. They are the reason it is such a great experience to work in Beach Haven and are great examples of inter-agency cooperation and leadership.”

The beach patrol also saluted the public works department. “They are unsung heroes, working before dawn to make sure the town is clean, everything is functioning properly and ensuring the borough is sanitary. The very foundations of the town are built upon the backs and hard manual labor of these champions of selflessness.”

— Eric Englund





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