Beach Haven Council Approves Redevelopment Resolution

Mar 14, 2018

Following the lead of the land use board, the Beach Haven Borough Council has approved a resolution to designate the marine commercial district for redevelopment. Emily Givens, an attorney who specializes in redevelopment law, said the resolution would go to the state Department of Community Affairs for review.

“They would have 30 days to accept or reject it,” said Givens, a member of the Maley Givens firm, which has been serving as a consultant to the borough’s economic development committee.

Givens stressed that the resolution does not propose any specific changes to the district, but agrees that the area is in need of redevelopment. The district consists of 21 properties that are mostly commercial. The largest holder is Morrison’s Marina, owning six of the properties. Morrissey said the designation will be “non-condemnation,” in that the properties cannot be seized by eminent domain.

In order to qualify for redevelopment status, the district had to meet one or more statutory conditions or requirements. One of them was “areas with buildings or improvements which, by reason of dilapidation, obsolescence, overcrowding, faulty arrangement or design, lack of ventilation, light and sanitary facilities, excessive land coverage, deleterious land use or obsolete layout, or any combination of these or other factors, are detrimental to the safety, health, morals or welfare of the community.”  

Mayor Nancy Taggart Davis said the redevelopment designation will give the borough better control over what is built in that area.

“We’re not going to allow someone to get rid of the boat slips and put in condos,” she said.

Davis said that should the state approve the plan, any developer or builder would first discuss plans with the council, which would then forward it to the land use board for recommendations.

“Then it would go back to the council, and we can act on it,” said Davis. “So far, we have not received any plans. There’s plenty of talk, but nothing concrete.” E.E. 

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