Beach Haven’s Water Service Restored Sunday After 75-Minute Outage

Jun 27, 2017

Beach Haven experienced a borough-wide water outage on Sunday evening, causing no small stir among the town’s residents and visitors.

It lasted about an hour-and-a-quarter; from approximately 9:30 to 10:45 p.m. Borough Manager Sherry Mason said the outage was caused by an “electrical issue.”

“It wasn’t a main or anything like that,” she added.

The immediate problem was resolved when Beach Haven hooked into Long Beach Township’s system. On Tuesday Mason said the electrical problem had been fixed and the Queen City was back on its own water. That’s important because when Beach Haven taps into LBT’s system it results in reduced water pressure, not a desirable situation with the busy 4th of July weekend rolling down the tracks.

The outage, said Mason, resulted in a flood of phone calls to the police. The dispatchers weren’t the only people who were busy answering phones.

A desk clerk at a busy Beach Haven hotel, who didn’t wish to be identified, told The SandPaper his phone rang off the hook during the entire outage period.

“Within 20 minutes people were outraged,” he said. “They were asking for refunds and demanding something be done, even when told it was a borough-wide problem. One woman was incredulous when told water was out all over town. Another woman said there were several people in her room needing to use the bathroom and asked if another toilet was available. The problem was that no toilets were working with the water being out.

“Thank God they got the water back on as quickly as they did. Ninety percent of the people were understanding, but the other 10 percent called me every name in the book.”

The outage happened at a bad time for restaurant employees as well. Kitchen crews were trying to clean up after a busy evening and the outage put them on hold, in some cases stretching their workday to well past midnight.

— R.M.


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