Beach Haven School Students Recyling Plastic Bags Into an Eco-Friendly Bench

Feb 08, 2017

Although convenient for everyday uses, plastic bags reek havoc on the environment. To help turn a negative into a positive, Beach Haven School students are collecting plastic bags that will be turned into an eco-friendly bench for the town.

The recycling program is offered through Trex, an environmentally responsible outdoor products company that provides communities with a composite bench in exchange for more than 500 pounds (about 40,500 plastic bags) of plastic refuse in a six-month span. The decks are made from a blend of 95 percent recycled wood and plastic film.

“Trex recycles the bags and uses that to make their decking,” Superintendent Carl Krushinski explained at the school board’s regular monthly meeting last week. “I thought that was kind of a nice thing, and the box that the town gave us to put the bags in is already full. So we’re going to keep going with that. We are asking the students to collect grocery, newspaper, dry cleaning, sandwich bags – all different kinds of plastics.”

Borough officials approached the school about the program in an effort to recycle plastic bags, most of which wind up at the dump, and help save the environment. The idea was first discussed by borough council members at a town meeting in May when New York City enacted a 5-cent charge on plastic bags, something council thought could be used as a guideline in Beach Haven.

“If we can’t eliminate them right away by law, at least we can start recycling them,” Councilman Chuck Maschal stated at the time.

To stay up to date on the students’ latest happenings, visit the school’s new, official Facebook page.

“There’s some really cute stuff going up there right now, especially with kindergarten,” Krushinski said. —K.A.E.

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