Beegle Family’s Book Nook a Public Service

Promoting Literacy an Open Door Policy
Jul 05, 2017

A couple of years ago, inspiration struck little Kyllie Beegle, now 9, of Barnegat, while she was watching a kids’ show on Disney or Nickelodeon about “making a difference in the world,” her mother, Dana Beegle, explained. She thought about the importance of literacy and wanted to make books available to everyone.

Kyllie asked her grandfather William Beegle, an experienced carpenter and furniture maker, to build her a “book nook” for her eighth birthday: a cabinet full of books for anyone to take or leave freely, on the honor system. “She gave him pretty clear instructions” on how she wanted it to look, Dana said, and William was happy to oblige.

Now the handsome cabinet stands in their front yard, close to the sidewalk, and it has all different kinds of reading material to appeal to all ages and interests. The family periodically checks the inventory, adding titles if necessary to balance it out.

“It felt really special to me,” Kyllie said, to provide neighbors and random passersby with open access to books “so they can get knowledge.”

The book nook is located at 84 Nautilus Drive, on the westerly (southbound) side of the road, just north of Savannah Drive.  —V.F.

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